Our Board and Staff

The Redevelopment Authority is comprised of five (5) volunteer Board members, who are appointed by the Mayor of the City of Bethlehem to serve six (6)-year terms.  The RDA also has its own Solicitor as well as a full-time staff.

Current Board Members

Ronald R. Heckman, Chairman

Earl Bethel

Lea B. Grigsby

Tracy Oscavich

Christopher T. Spadoni, Esq.


Alicia Miller Karner, Executive Director

Email:  AKarner@bethlehem-pa.gov

Heather M. Bambu-Weiss, Administrative Coordinator / Board Secretary

Email:  HBambu@bethlehem-pa.gov


Michael E. Riskin, Esq., Solicitor

Phone:  (610) 868-8543


Tony Hanna, Consultant

Email:   THanna@bethlehem-pa.gov