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National Museum of Industrial History - Expansion

Affiliated with the Smithsonian Institution, the National Museum of Industrial History (NMIH) is an 18,000 square foot museum that provides a place where visitors can view industrial artifacts from the former Bethlehem Steel, as well as artifacts on loan from Smithsonian's National Museum of American History.  Located in the former Electric Repair Shop of Bethlehem Steel, in South Bethlehem the NMIH opened in August 2016.  Its permanent and changing exhibits as well as interactive programs provide a unique experience for visitors of all ages to learn about the people, machines and ideas that built our nation.

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In 2020, the NMIH expanded to include an outdoor demonstration area, an Artifact Park, as well as a new location for the Steelworkers Veterans Memorial.  This 17,000 square foot extension provides additional space for public education and recreational uses within a park accessible to visitors and the general public.

The Steelworkers Veterans Memorial was built by steelworkers and dedicated in 1989 to honor employees of Bethlehem Steel who served in the armed forces.  It was previously located at East Third Street and Polk Street.  Its relocation to the Artifact Park area will allow it remain easily accessible to the public as well as provide a larger area for remembrance events at the memorial.

The NMIH outdoor demonstration area and Artifact Yard will allow the NMIH to display more Bethlehem Steel, and other industrial, artifacts including an 11-foot-tall Bement, Miles & Co. steam hammer dating to 1887 and the last known Wellman Engineering Co. charging machine in the county.  In fact, both of these artifacts have been restored to operational status as has a 1941 Whitcomb diesel-electric locomotive. 


Since it is located within the designated Bethlehem Works TIF District, the NMIH was able to apply for and receive TIF revenue financing assistance for this expansion which will benefit the entire community through its ability to showcase working industrial artifacts and provide another park to South Bethlehem.  Visitors and the public are all encouraged to visit and enjoy these new areas at the NMIH.

For additional information about the NMIH, including upcoming exhibits, click here:

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